Avy Blue

Avy Blue is a small family owned candle business located in Chicago that was started by husband and wife team George and Cathy. Our candles are all handmade using natural soy wax. We use high quality ingredients to ensure you receive the best products every time. Our candles are free of phthalates, lead and paraffin wax. We love making candles and we hope you'll love our candles as much as we do.

Bella & Olive

Bella & Olive was born back in 2016 after I became increasingly aware of the harmful effects of the toxins in store bought deodorants. Since then my mission has become to spread awareness about environmentally dangerous ingredients, and to provide a clean, healthy alternative that is better for your body and the world.

Bobbi June Collection

Bobbi June Collection wants to help you feel put together and styled, even on those days when you are short on time. Amanda, mom of two young girls would always find herself pulling her hair back to tackle the day. BJC will help find your style and inspire you to be confident with your everyday look.

Clever Kiwi USA

Though painful in so many ways, 2020 ended up being a renaissance year for Elizabeth. She finally got her education company, Clever Kiwi USA, off the ground, learned to play the ukulele, and discovered the craft of felting. To cope with the stresses of the year, Elizabeth created fairies. She loves to see who emerges from each bundle of wool, and is always pleasantly surprised by the results.

Crafty Physicist

In 2016, Mindy started the Crafty Physicist Instagram account as a way to combine her love of sharing science content with her desire to create and make art and other crafty things. From original watercolor space art, to science pun greeting cards, to hand-painted ornaments, to textile work using her own fabric patterns... she dabbles in a host of mediums.  Come join her as she showcases how beautiful, fun and interesting science can be!

Heavenly Debbie Cards

When I found boxes of old family photos in my dad’s attic a few years ago I knew immediately that my obsession with funny greeting cards was about to become a business. I take a relative or two, add a touch of sass, a dash of snarky and a splash of humor and there you have it - Heavenly Debbie Cards.

Kono & Co.

Kono & Co. is a momprenuer-owned small business based in Palatine that delivers Effortless, Simple, and Meaningful gold-filled pieces. Initially, this company started off making modern friendship bracelets inspired by the founders' mother but has evolved with her new inspiration by her side, daughter Kono. Being a mom, you have enough things to worry about, your jewelry shouldn't be one of them.

Naimah Thomas

Naimah Thomas is a Chicago-based artist and art therapist. Her art practice incorporates various mediums (acrylic, ink, watercolor) and technology to invite the viewer to explore the intersections of art, healing, and wellness. Naimah creates art that is geared to spark conversation, be accessible, and affordable for all.

Peppered Rose Design

Hi, I’m Madi Creator of Peppered Rose Design, I started my brand in 2017 after my daughter Pepper decided to make a very early arrival. I always struggled to find Homewares i loved in my budget so i decided to start making pieces, since 2017 i branched from Wall Hangings to other Homewares like Suncatchers and Wreaths (with more coming soon)

Plant Based Beauty

Plant Based Beauty is a one-woman, home-operated small business based out of Chicago, inspired by a holistic approach to health & wellness. We value real, nourishing ingredients created with intention and with a focus on sustainability & philanthropy. All of our products are made with organic, good-for-you, superfood ingredients derived from nature.

SJM Wood Work

Hello, my name is Steve and I'm the owner of SJM Wood Work.  I've worked as an electrician for many years, but, like many others, my life took a turn this past year and I had more time on my hands.  I rediscovered something I love - woodworking.  I was introduced to woodworking through the Chicago Park District when I was 9 and continued into my early teens when I worked for an uncle who was a finished carpenter.  Enter 2021 and what started out as a console table project grew into a business making cutting and charcuterie boards, coasters,...

T.C English-DuMont

T.C. English-DuMont is an artist creating figurative art with surrealistic themes.  There is a focus on universal human experiences such as fears and hopes that transcend normal reality.  English-DuMont’s work has been shown in wonderful spaces such as The Bridgeport Art Center and The Old Court House in Woodstock.  T.C. has won several show awards including The Alice and Arthur Baer Award and The Southshore Arts Salon Show Award in 2020.

About Us

I started out making T-Shirts for my son after not finding the selection I wanted at most stores. I then figured, I could very well make shirts for other cool kids like him! So off to the markets I went, selling cool kids T-Shirts at festivals, farmers markets, and anywhere else I thought would be a good place for fun, funny shirts for kids. This allowed me to meet some extremely talented, totally-cool artisans all around the Chicagoland area, After selling in a few pop-up shops, I fully believed that I could do this on my own! So here we...

A Wick & A Nod Candle Company launched in 2019 when Jenna sought to combine her love of history and candles. The unique scents are inspired by speakeasy cocktails and the design follows the idea that history is black and white on the surface but colorful underneath. 

BeauLou Designs, is the creation of local artist Theresa Daniel. Her work is a confluence of her love of photography, travel, street art and architecture. Each piece in her collection is uniquely created from her photos.  Her designs are a fresh take on the original - a new perspective that captures the essence and beauty of her subject.  The collection includes wine stoppers, jewelry, accessories and home décor.

Redhead by Design was created from my love for beads and unique materials and my desire to share the bright, shiny objects I create with the world.Since every piece is one-of-a-kind and crafted by hand, you can be assured that your jewelry, chime, suncatcher, keychain or ornament is original and unparalleled. I love to create interesting juxtapositions of colors, shapes and designs which make each piece fun, noticeable, and unmistakably unique.

Rose Anna was started in 2017 after Allison had spent years making handmade items for her loved ones as gifts. With the encouragement of her family and friends she was able to begin her adventures into organic natural bath goods and herbal tea blends. Upon further research she realized that she could go one step further by sourcing her ingredients from only ethical, sustainable sources and began her journey to train as an herbalist.

 Singing Raven Photography/Raven Gemini is simultaneously a fine art photographer and three woodland creatures in a trench coat, based in Chicago.        The passage of time is of particular interest to me, the way it moves quickly in some places, and much more slowly in others.  As someone who has always seemed to exist at a slower pace than everyone else around me, places where time runs deepest and slowest are my favorites.  This manifests itself as a body of work done primarily in rural and natural environments, but also encapsulates occasional forays into the very urban.  Cities are curious...

Twenty Thou is the jewelry & accessory line of Chicago based designer Nicold Pittman. She strives to create unique, simple jewelry using copper, brass, sterling silver, gold fill, and rose gold fill. She is always on the lookout for interesting stones and beads to make her work stand out including leather, bone, wood, and even fossils, porcupine quills, and sea urchin spikes. Twenty Thou is her own personal student loan bailout, her goal is to sell twenty thousand pieces to pay off her student loans.